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Your dentures are important to the way you look and feel. It is important to maintain proper care of your dentures. A regular check-up is the most effective way for you and your dentures to get the care and attention you both deserve.


When do your dentures need to be checked?


Tissue and Bone Changes: Over time, your mouth may go through considerable changes. Tissue shrinkage and loss of underlying bone (resorption) on which your dentures rest can occur. Since your dentures do not change, they may no longer fit as they originally did and adjustments may be necessary.


Health Changes: Having an annual oral exam may prevent or help detect the existence of abnormal oral conditions. Updating both medical and dental history is an important step towards quality denture treatment.


The integrity of your Dentures: In every check-up we examine the condition of your denture. We check for cracks, chips, scratches and worn or loose teeth.


What to Expect During Your Recall, Recare Visit


  • update your dental and medical history
  • intra oral examination
  • check the integrity of your denture
  • check the aesthetics, stability and the bite
  • discuss options available to you based on your needs
  • review of oral hygiene procedures and denture care
  • cleaning and polishing of your dentures if required


Denture Recall & Recare

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